Let me introduce myself…

Meet Zoë, founder and instructor.

A little about Flow Dance & Yoga

Flow Dance & Yoga came about from my love of Dance, Yoga and Teaching. Teaching Dance and Yoga within education, spas, private studios and a whole heap of other contexts  gave me first hand experience at how dance, yoga and movement can impact positively on someone’s confidence, self esteem and self-awareness. Being a part of that relationship and development in someone I find really special.

I guess a lot of dancers or yoga teachers would say that they dream of having their own studio or space, so Flow Dance & Yoga gave me the opportunity to pursue this passion of movement and teaching whilst chasing the desire to have a space to work from.

My Yoga Background

Yoga has always been a part of my Dance training, from being introduced to it at college, and also during my Dance degree. I took my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training with All Yoga in Bali in 2018. I now also work for All Yoga as their Course Coordinator, an amazing team who really inspired me and gave me that drive to pursue Yoga teaching alongside my Dance work.

My style of teaching culminates my love of Ashtanga Vinyasa and dance, finding flow between positions, and always ending in Shavasana…if you know, you know.

I have created the class timetable to give a taster of the different elements of Yoga that I love, the energising, powerful energy it can give me, the opportunity to relax and just stop and also the playful nature that I would love to explore with little yogis!

Zoes Dance Background

My Dance Background:

I recieved a first class with honours degree in Dance Theatre from The University of Plymouth in 2014. During my training I really utilised opportunities, working for Exim Dance Company as their apprentice, being awarded bursaries from Adam Benjamin to attend international dance workshops in Berlin and Antwerp, and also being cast as a principal dancer for an internationally touring dance film by Ruth Way.

After studying, I trained at The Royal Academy of Dance in London to gain my PGCE in Dance Education. Teaching in a variety of schools and contexts really opened my eyes to how dance can be offered to both children and adults. Teaching Dance in secondary education in Cornwall for 4 years gave me invaluabel experience in working with children and students wanting to make Dance their career also.

Since working as a freelance dance teacher I have been able to see the diversity of dance amoung all ages, and really allowed my teaching practice to grow and influence my Yoga teaching and vise versa.

Yoga Fit

Our Yoga Fit classes are designed to improve strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance and mobility.

Yoga Energise

The Yoga Energise classes uses a hybrid of Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Principles to wake up the body, stretch and improve core control.

Yoga Unwind

Our Yoga Unwind classes is the ultimate way to relax and recharge. Whether after work or at the end of the week, these classes will help you put the stresses of the day behind you.