Getting your nails done, in our opinion is one of the best (other than our amazing yoga classes!) ways to give yourself a little ‘you’ time. From our little nail bar in Truro, Cornwall, we put together this blog to help you get the most out of your upcoming nail appointment! We hope that these top nail tips… no pun intended! gives you a helping hand to plan your nail appointment with some helpful preparation hints so you can walk out of your nail appointment armed with the tools to keep those claws flawless. 


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We believe in promoting healthy and long lasting nails and this doesn’t stop at the nail bar. We do ask you to look after those nails and show them some love every now and then! Our hands and nails are really put through their paces every single day, so getting your nails done is a real treat for those poor hands! Whether you go for a more understated look or if you don the Barbie Pink and never shy from the glitters these helpful hints below will help you prepare for that upcoming nail appointment!

#1 – Stop Biting / Picking Your Nails!!

First things first, you gotta stop biting those nails! Give us nail techs a chance and give us some nails that aren’t bitten down to the skin! I know it can be tricky (talking as a previous nail biter) but to really get those nails strong and not breaking off every other day, you’ve got to stop. 

You can get nail varnishes that actually taste gross to prevent you from biting…but save your money and perhaps just think of how amazing your nails will look after you’ve had a treatment. 

Biting your nails can really affect the quality of your nail bed, and can make your fingers and nails very thin and sore when we gently file them. 

I’d suggest trying a Gel Polish or a Builder Gel treatment to help promote growth and encourage those nails to get stronger naturally initially before any extensions. You will be amazing at just 2 weeks of growth with a Gel Polish treatment.

#2 – Choose a design / colour before your arrive

This is where our scrolling on instagram and Pinterest actually becomes useful! Going to your nail appointment with an idea, really helps your nail technician out and means we can keep on time with your appointment. 

Want some extra brownie points? Let us know ahead of your appointment, just send across a picture to make sure we have your colours or we can get those colours in! It may be that your chosen design is a Picasso artwork on your baby finger, so your nail technician may say that they will do their best and recreating but good ol Instagram sometimes makes these types of artworks completely unrealistic. yes… what you see on instagram isn’t always real people!! 

Another factor to consider may be if you are wanting nail art, this may be an additional cost, so do check with your nail bar at their pricing structure. 

#3 – Oil those cuticles

Really? Oiling cuticles can help before a nail appointment? Yes! Its all part of the preparation! 

This could be a little as giving those cuticles a little massage when you moisturise your hands once in a while. You don’t have to be oiling every day (though that would be amazing) but make it part of your getting ready for bed or ready for the day routine. Literally takes 20 seconds. 

This can soften the skin around your nail, help prevent nail sprigs and the skin around your nail from splitting becoming super dry. 

You can now buy specific oil for your cuticles or a lot of good hand moisturisers will also do the trick. This will also help with keeping those freshly polishes nails looking perfect for longer. 

#4 – Know where you are parking / get enough parking.

Us Nail Technicians see our work as art. So don’t rush us! Please ensure you know where you’re parking and how long it takes to get to your nail bar. Theres nothing worse and we’ve all been there trying to find a parking space, and then rushing to an appointment and arriving flustered. So that hour or 2 your’ve got to yourself starts stressed and sweaty. 

Its also a good idea to check with your nail technician how long the appointment will be taking into consideration any extras like nail art etc. You can then get plenty of parking and not get that mild panic as the appointment goes on with the worry that you’re going to get a ticket. 

For your nails to last as long and to look as good as you want them to, we’ve got to be allowed to have the full appointment time. And this can help you have that time to really switch off and relax!

#5 – Be ready to schedule in your next appointment.

To really keep those nails looking perfect, be ready to reschedule your next appointment. This ensures you’ve got an appointment at a good stage for your nail technician to either infill or remove without your nails going past the point of saving!

Your Nail Technician will always do what they can to squeeze you in last minute but to avoid disappointment be ready to get booked in straight away. This is key to ensuring that you are giving your nails he best chance at getting stronger and longer. 

And it can also help prevent you from picking or biting those nails for longer! Win win!

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So there you have it. 5 ways to prepare for your nail appointment. We really do believe there is nothing better than having a fresh set of nails to give you that extra little kick of confidence. Having your nails done can also be a great way to kick the habit of biting them and the little preparations you can do before your appointment only makes the whole getting your nail done experience that little bit smoother. Have you seen Flow Beauty’s Nail services in Truro, Cornwall?