Take a look below and get a feel for what our Flow With Heels class is all about. We can not wait to share this dance class with you, and know how much fun it is.

What is it?

Flow With Heels is a dance class open to everybody regardless of any previous dance experience (if any!). The focus of a Flow With Heels class is to get you feeling good, channeling your inner diva, looking amazing and just having lots of fun learning a structured sassy dance routine. Each step will be broken down and you will be given lots of time to practice or change the steps to make you feel confident and empowered. 

No pressure, no judgement, just some good music and some very good dance moves!

Can I join if I don’t have any dance experience? 

ABSOLUTELY! This is for you! 

No dance experience necessary, you can turn up as you are and give the class a good go. For us, its more about you having a good time, feeling amazing and you leaving confident, and perhaps with a dance routine you can whip out at your next party! 

Do I have to wear heels?

Nope! If you just want to come along and channel your inner Beyonce without the worry of wearing heels that is absolutely fine. You can wear trainers if that’s more you. You will learn how to dance safely in heels (and they don’t have to be 10 inches high!!!) And of course you don’t have to wear heels for the whole class. You can switch between trainers and your heels if you to like too. 

Do you have to be super fit & flexible to take part?

Not at all. This isn’t a flexibility contest. There is a cardio element to the class being a dance class, but you can take it as full on or less so as you wish. You will be given little break opportunities throughout the class to grab some water and for a rest. After a few classes you may even notice that your sass level has increased, so you may want to give it a little extra… you’re welcome 😉 

What if I don’t want to perform in front of other people?

Then you don’t have to. We hope that once in the studio, any nerves, apprehension turns into some confidence to help you feel and look amazing. We are one tribe once we start our Flow With Heels class, were you will be supported and encouraged to flaunt your stuff. If you don’t fancy performing at the end , then you don’t have to, you can take the routine home with you still having had a good time with us. 

Is it for me?

If you are looking for something a little different, maybe want to start a new hobby and the gym isn’t really doing it for you this class is a great option. Or if you are looking for a stress relieving, high energy dance class this is for you. Or even if you are wanting to learn a routine to showcase on your next big night out, this most certainly is for you. 

Flow With Heels is for everybody and every body. Its not even about getting the steps right. You just turn up, be yourself and show us your inner sass. Convinced yet?!