Finding a bit of “you” time can be pretty tricky. In our increasingly busy schedules finding some timeout is becoming more of a necessity than we realise. But what do you do in this “free time”? You could have a bath, go for a coffee with friends, or you could go to one of those Barre classes that you have heard has just started…better still, come to a Barre class at Flow Dance & Yoga!


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Barre? Pff, What is Barre?

So what are these Barre classes? And does it include a Gin?

Barre classes is a fitness class drawing on techniques from Ballet Barre technique (sorry no Gin), Dance, Yoga and Pilates. The class can be a full body workout primarily focusing on the legs, bums and core.

Got your attention? read on for my 5 reasons why you should be going a Barre class near you.

#1 No Previous Experience Necessary!

No previous dance / yoga / movement experience is necessary to try a Barre class. Your Barre instructor will take you through each exercise one at a time, going through the correct technique, explaining the muscle/muscles that you will be working.

The level and intensity that you work at during the class is completely up to you. Want to give yourself a full on work out? Barre can give you that.
Just want to turn up and stretch/move a little bit? Barre is good for that too.

The exercises in a Barre class cater for all. Your instructor will give you lots of options with optional challenges throughout each exercise. You can take them or leave them, with no pressure or judgement made. Its your class.

A Barre class is not just for people who have danced before or who have a heavy training schedule already. Its for normal people who want to spend an hour on themselves and to have some fun doing it.

If you are looking for a new way to spend an hour working out, or just wanting to have some fun whilst moving your body, Barre is a great way to achieve both.

#2 Learning principles from Ballet, Dance + Yoga

Whilst having fun and working out, you are also learning principles from Ballet, other Dance styles and Yoga. A pretty good mix of principles to be applying to promote good posture, strength and flexibility!

Not only stimulating for your body, but Barre can help you think in a more positive way about your body. Mental attitude towards your body is so important, and heading to a Barre class can give you information on your posture, how you hold your body, give you tips on how to relax your shoulders, find softness in the chest or engagement in your core.

Being able to draw upon Ballet techniques, or Yoga for example can have endless benefits to you in every day situations, not to mention you just taking some time out of your busy life and giving some time back to your body.

Learning the correct techniques and understanding how your own body responds to some leg exercises can give you your own personal motivation to improve your strength or flexibility. Barre is a fantastic mix of lots of movement trainings, giving you the best of all the worlds!

# 3 An hour of working out

Most Barre sessions last for around an hour. An hour, that’s it. I’m pretty sure we can all find an hour within our week to give back to ourselves.

The hour won’t be an hour of non-stop, hardcore never ending exercises. The hour will fly by. Your instructor will guide you through each exercise, perhaps over the weeks the intensity will increase, yes, but again it’s up to you much you invest your body into each exercise. You are in control the whole time.

You will also spend some time at the end of the session helping your body to recover so the next day aches are not so noticeable! A good Barre class will lead you through some good stretching at the end which you can also do at home to support with your flexibility but also in the cooling down and recovery of your body.

#4 Meeting other people

Barre classes can tend to become mini social events within your week. A big turn off for me before heading to any gym/yoga/dance class is thinking that I’m going to feel silly, embarrassed or not part of the “gang”. Been there? I think we all have at some point.

A Barre class is the ultimate class to meet other people who just want to go to a class and feel supported and who are encouraging too. Before you know it, you all will be heading to grab a coffee after each class and looking forward to seeing each other each week. It’s a great way to network and feel part of a supportive group.

#5 Its actually fun…no really. 

Point number 5 is probably the most important point to make here. Barre sessions are fun. They are designed to be fun, not an arduous workout that you are wishing to be over.

If you are looking to make something a habit, or introduce more time to workout, the best way to achieve that is by finding something that you enjoy. This way, you won’t see it as a chore or something to just tick off. You are more likely to stick at it and actually put the effort in to see / feel results.

Working out for just 1 hour, to some good music, along with some friendly people?  I think you owe it to yourself to give a Barre class a go and see for yourself.

So, there you have it. 5 reasons why you should be going to a Barre class. If you fancy giving it a go or have some more questions about it, please get in touch… our classes here at Flow Dance & Yoga are for you. And if there is something that we can do to help you take the leap in getting through our door, we want to know.

Our Barre classes encapsulates the 5 points I’ve mentioned above. Its a no-pressure, supportive environment for you to escape and to give yourself an hour of working out, meeting new people and having some fun.

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