With classes starting on the 9th of September, I am super excited to start teaching in this beautiful room here in the centre of Truro. Above Radmores of Truro on Princes Street, the old drawing room has been made into (what I think) is a really special space for Yoga. Perfect for giving yourself an hour to escape work, or the daily stresses that we all have!

Take a look at our timetable for daily yoga classes in Truro


Check out our timetable for daily yoga classes in Truro! From Lunch break Yoga to Yoga Unwind, there is a class for everyone.

The Classes:

The classes that I will be offering initially are Yoga: Energise, Yoga: Fit, Yoga: Unwind and Yoga Club for kids. It was important to me to offer a variety of classes with different focuses, a little snapshot here:

Lunch Break Yoga, a quick 30 minute yoga blast, perfect to fit into your lunchbreak!

For those who want an energetic class and a workout rolled into one check out Yoga: Fit.

For a vinyasa class with emphasis on transitions, building flexibility and balance, Yoga: Energise is for you. 

For an hour of pure relaxation, slower movement and use of essential oils try Yoga: Unwind

And my Yoga Club is for any little yogis aged 7-11.

The Timetable:

The timetable offers morning, afternoon and evening classes. I am also always open for suggestions to suit timetables. We all run to our own schedule, and it’s so important to make time for ourselves so get in touch if you have a suggested time for you, your colleagues or friends. 

The classes are run by me but they are for you. 

The Location:

With our central location I hope that attending a class At Flow Dance & Yoga becomes just a natural part of your day. The closest car park being just a 2 minute walk away (and its free after 5pm!), and being in the centre of town, it really is in the perfect location. Also, for after class Truro has a wealth of locally run cafes for the post-yoga coffee and social.

So why come to Flow Dance & Yoga?

Being a trained Dancer I know all too well the feeling of anxiety walking into a room full of new people and then feeling silly trying something new. I get it, going to a yoga class can be intimidating. 

This is a massive part of why Flow Dance & Yoga was made. It’s Yoga for real people. You may be interested in meditation, you may not, you may want to learn pranayama breathing techniques and inversions, you may not. You may just want to have an hour in a different environment, and stretch for a bit. Flow Dance & Yoga is open to all.

Through having this ethos, my hopes are that we will become a community group that gets to know one another, supports each other and grows together. 

If you are thinking of trying something new, or just want to get some more information, please get in touch.

I look forward to meeting you all on the mat!