5 ways to include yoga at your desk.

Working long hours at your desk can result in an achy body. This blog breaksdown 5 easy, achievable and beneficial yoga stretches which anyone can access at their office desk. You will make yoga at your desk a daily routine in no time.

Taking periodical breaks away from the computer or our work can help us reset our body and mind to go back refreshed and ready to continue working. Try including some of these next time you’re feeling a bit stiff from sitting at your desk or even if you are lacking motivation to begin working. Just incorporating a few of these yoga stretches at your office desk could help you recharge and reconnect to your body and mind to help with your productivity.

#1 – Neck Rotations

Sitting tall, roll your shoulders back and down.

Drop your right ear towards your right shoulder. Inhale, rotate your head clockwise up until your left ear is above your left shoulder. Then, with your exhale, allow your head to fall forwards, chin to chest before rotating your neck around back to right ear hovering above your right shoulder.

Repeat 2 times and then swap directions.

Try to match each 180 degree rotation with your inhale and exhale.

Office Yoga Neck Rolls
#2 – Seated Cat and Cow

Interlace your fingers and push your hands away from your body, palms out. Allow your head to look down into your lap and round the shoulders in. Imagine you’re pushing a wall with your palms.

Interlace your fingers behind you and pull your hands away from your back, palms out. Imagine bringing your shoulder blades together, bringing the shoulders back, looking up. Opening the chest.

Repeat 2 times.

Office Yoga Arm Stretches
#3 – Chair Spinal Twist

Sitting tall, roll your shoulders back and down.

Right hand holds either the table, outside of your left leg or left arm rest. Left hand twists towards the back and hold the back of the chair or can rest on your back.

Inhale sit tall, Exhale spiral towards your left hand looking behind you.

Stay here for 5 breaths. Every inhale sitting taller, every exhale spiral around more.

Once finished, slowly coming out of the spine rotation before swapping sides.

Office Yoga Spinal twist
#4 – Mini Warrior Lunges

Standing at your desk, place hands on top of the desk. Step right foot forward, and slightly bend your right knee. Keep left leg straight. Focus on pressing the back heel down towards the floor and your front knee going over your front foot.

Swap sides after 5 breaths.

Office Yoga lunges
#5 – Eagle and Reverse Namaste

Cross your right arm over your left, palms down.

Flip both palms to face up and aim to bring your palms of your hands together.

Every inhale lift elbows up, every exhale, drop shoulders down.


Hold your opposite elbows behind your back- work towards reverse namaste- pushing your palms together.

Office Yoga Shoulder stretch